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More people around the world today are getting into Divine Science than ever before. But they are not going through churches. Why?

Because although Divine Science as a spiritual path is very much alive, the denomination that is named after this path has shrunk to 13 members and most of their ministers don't have much of an interest in learning about the internet or teaching on the web.

This could be because one of their ministers in Santa Fe scandalized them early in the web game! Or simply no one really cares!

If you are looking for Divine Science Classes online, we will try to connect you with Divine Science teachers and ministers in the United States and South Africa but if we can't, then we will find other equally qualified teachers and ministers so that you can learn 21st Century New Thought!!!!

There are New Thought Classes in classrooms too!

Yes! Old style classroom classes!!

Now in some cases, you might have fly 2000 miles across the globe to Tahiti get to them, but for some people, they are right around the corner.

There are excellent Divine Science classes in D.C.

At one time ::

Divine Science was a thriving denomination of New Thought attracting some of the best and brightest luminaries. What happened?

Online Classes & Resources

Dynamic and wonderful teachers are bringing New Thought to your online!!!

Get enrolled today!!!!

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Books that you can read on your Tablet !

New Thought Library has a growing collection of free New Thought books that are downloadable as pdf's!!!

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